Welcome To Aninstance Web, Software & Tech Consultancy

Who are Aninstance Consultancy?

Hello! I’m Dan Bright, an independent programmer, web developer and tech consultant, based in Moray, Scotland. Trading under the name Aninstance Consultancy, I provide web and software solutions, together with related full-stack technical services, consultation and project management.

Aninstance Consultancy provides both local and remote consultancy to small and medium sized businesses, startup enterprises, public organisations, non-profits, and individuals, with clients from London and the southeast, to Aberdeen and Elgin. For a non-exhaustive list of the services offered, tap here

In addition to provision and deployment of ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions, bespoke programming and software/application development services are also offered. From business automation software (‘bots’), to customer facing websites and apps, Aninstance Consultancy aims to provide comprehensive and holistic solutions to identified problems or aspirations, which are tailored to the needs of the client’s business.

I have over 11 years experience in programming, web development and administration of GNU/Linux and FreeBSD systems. I’m keen to provide and support powerful and highly cost effective Free & Libre Open Source solutions whenever appropriate. Using FLOSS software enables businesses to leverage the power, reliability and security of cutting edge technology, without the associated high costs and “vendor lock in” that often accompanies software deployed under proprietary licences.

I arrange for most of the design, branding and web marketing work to be provided by carefully selected, appropriately qualified and trusted specialists, who have a wealth of experience and a great track record within their professional fields of expertise.

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